Do you provide references?

Of course! However, I will hesitate in providing a reference to an “agency girl.”

When can we meet?

Please be kind enough to allow at least 24 hours before the meeting date you request. Meeting on the same day of an appointment request can be hectic given my schedule and don’t really allow me to prepare optimally for our meeting.

Contrarily, if you inquire regarding a meeting time several weeks ahead of time, please try to be specific on the time, date and location of the requested meeting. That way, I can set that time aside just for you and I, without letting life get in the way.

Do you drink?

Yes. However, despite my Russian heritage, I am a “light weight”.

Do you smoke?

No but I don’t mind if you do.

What are your interests? Hobbies?

I have a wide range of interests that are constantly evolving.

Are you available for travel?

Yes, but we need to become acquainted first.

Why is your donation structure the way it is?

The standard answer to this question highlights a companion’s exclusivity, education, and quality of experience offered. While I can boast about my worldliness, intellect, likable disposition and outward beauty, I am well aware that there are no shortage of talented women that can entertain your desire for diversion from your everyday stresses. What I will say then is this. Every man and woman is unique. A donation structure is established at each provider’s discretion but also in line with the market rate for the area in which they live and date and the type and/or quality of encounter they are providing. My donation structure is set in line with higher end ladies for a major metro area, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas or New York. Yes, it does reflect the quality of experience I strive to provide but it also aims to attract the type of gentlemen that will truly appreciate what I have to offer. Lastly, the donation structure also serves to include a sort of ‘insurance premium’ for my work as ‘a provider,’ as is common amongst other types of professionals.