If I strike your fancy and you would like to contact me, please initiate contact with an email introduction. In order for me to set a special time aside for us, I need verification information from you as it is detailed on the contact page. I do not need all of it. However, providing me with more than just an email from where you send the initial contact is helpful in my verifying that you are indeed a gentle man.

In contacting me, please do not inquire about reviews. As of now, I have no reviews. That is why you cannot find them online. I’m no longer opposed to reviews, because I understand and respect the fact that participating in the review culture is how men keep themselves safe. But I’ve found that the few people I have spent time with do not write them because they have better things to do, or maybe they don’t want to share with others something that they treasure.

When we meet, please leave the donation in a visible locale (e. g. vanity, table at a restaurant, etc) in a gift bag, a gift card, or my favorite, a book or magazine you think I might like within the first twenty minutes of our meeting. Of course, the customary white envelope would do just fine too. I ask that you handle the matter as sensitively as possible, as to deliberately omit any mention of currency or any other remarks that may be deemed lewd.