About Me

My name is Lilith Gilman, or “Lily” for short.

As you can see from my photos, I am somewhat tall, of a delicate, slim built but curvy. I lack enhancements, am without tattoos, and have only the ears pierced. My visage looks to be of an Eastern European descent that is oft mistaken for Swedish. Of course, for mystery’s and anticipation’s sake, I blur or crop my face in the photos. I have slender, pianist-like fingers that are perfect for delivering a tender touch, a long neck and limbs, ample curves in all the right places, a beautiful laugh, and an alluring voice with a non-distinct accent. My skin is kept a porcelain white with a rosy undertone and is naturally very soft.

As a person who loves to learn, my interests are varied and ever-evolving. Various art forms, nature, and people top the list of what I’m interested in. I’ve always been someone that is level-headed with an outlook to the future but balanced with an appreciation for spontaneity. As I’ve gotten older and wiser, I’ve given way to my thirst for novelty and wont of experience, and have more than before honed my appreciation for adventure! I appreciate the world of the demimonde because it opens me to the new experiences I so crave, and teaches me about the world and about people.

In my role as a companion, I enjoy meeting kind, successful and generous men with whom I can be generous with in return. If you are a man that appreciates a woman and likes to treat her well, and you seek out a playful interlude with a nice, young lady, then perhaps we will be a match. Together, I hope that we can unwind, relax, breath slow (or fast)-whatever helps you, us, decompress-and make our time a time to remember.

As a woman, I radiate sensuality, rather than ooze sex appeal. So while I’d like to think that I would make an agreeable companion to most, I know that I am savored by only a select few.